Kan Seminar 2019-2020 Semester A

A seminar on classical results in Algebraic Topology

This is a seminar on classical results in Algebraic Topology. The seminar is modeled on the seminar organized by Dan Kan in MIT.
Each week, one of the participants will give a talk about a classical paper in Algebraic Topology (most of the papers are from the 50's-70's).
We will try to reinterpret and simplify (some of) the papers using the modern language of ∞-categories and higher algebra.

The meetings take place on Sundays at 10:00-12:00 (note the time change!), in Sprinzak 27.

If you are going to participate, please let me know by email at shay.benmoshe@mail.huji.ac.il.
Also, look at the papers suggestion, and try to pick one.
Feel free to talk to me, e.g. by email.

Talks Schedule

The first two talks will be introductory, and serve as a background for many of the other talks.
Everyone is encouraged to give a talk some time at the semester.

Papers Suggestions

There are many great classical papers in Algebraic Topology.
A handful of papers are listed below, just give you some ideas. There are a lot more wonderful papers, many of them listed in the lists linked below.