Shay Ben Moshe


I hold a PhD in mathematics from the Hebrew University, where I was supervised by Tomer Schlank and Lior Yanovski. Within math, my research interests are mostly in chromatic homotopy theory, algebraic K-theory, (spectral) algebraic geometry, higher category theory and their interplay.

Aside from math, I have an extensive background in software engineering and cyber-security research, and a long term interest in various other subjects such as physics, statistics and philosophy. In my free time I enjoy hiking long-distance trails.

For more information, see my curriculum vitae.

Publications & Preprints


Uniqueness and (∞,2)-Naturality of Yoneda (2024), preprint.

Chromatic Cardinalities via Redshift with Shachar Carmeli, Tomer Schlank & Lior Yanovski (2023), to appear in International Mathematics Research Notices.

Descent and Cyclotomic Redshift for Chromatically Localized Algebraic K-theory with Shachar Carmeli, Tomer Schlank & Lior Yanovski (2023), preprint.

Naturality of the ∞-Categorical Enriched Yoneda Embedding (2024), Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra Volume 228, Issue 6, 2024 (arXiv:2301.00601).

Higher semiadditive algebraic K-theory and redshift with Tomer Schlank (2024), Compositio Mathematica 2024;160(2):237-287 (arXiv:2111.10203).


Unusual Interactions of Pre-and-Post-Selected Particles with Yakir Aharonov and Eliahu Cohen (2014), EPJ Web of Conferences 70 00053 (arXiv:1208.3203).

Statistics & Epidemiology

SARS-CoV-2 spike IgG titres up to 137 days following Comirnaty mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, Israel, February to May 2021 with Tal Patalon et al. (2022), Euro Surveill. 2022;27(40):pii=2100703.

Evaluating red blood cell distribution width from community blood tests as a predictor of hospitalization and mortality in adults with SARS-CoV-2: a cohort study with Tamar Banon et al. (2021), Annals of Medicine, 53:1, 1410-1418.

Survey of Behaviour Attitudes Towards Preventive Measures Following COVID-19 Vaccination with Daniella Rahamim-Cohen et al. (2021), preprint.

A 1 to 1000 SARS-CoV-2 reinfection proportion in members of a large healthcare provider in Israel: a preliminary report with Galit Perez et al. (2021), preprint.


Caesarea Workshop on Topological Cyclic Homology

Lior Yanovski, Shai Keidar and myself organized the Caesarea workshop on topological cyclic homology in May 2023. Lecture notes from all talks are available.

Weil Conjectures Workshop

Shaul Barkan and myself organized a workshop on the Weil conjectures in September 2020. Full recorded talks and lecture notes are available.

Kan Seminar

In 2019-2020 Semester A my advisor Tomer Schlank and I were running a Kan seminar on classical results in Algebraic Topology. Some lecture notes are available.

Chromatic Seminar

In the summer of 2019 I organized a seminar on computational results in chromatic homotopy. Some lecture notes are available.

Caesarea Preparation Day

I organized a preparation day for the Caesarea Workshop on Morava E-Theory in 2019. Four talks were given:

Lecture Notes

  1. Higher Semiadditive Algebraic K-Theory and Redshift, MIT Topology Seminar, 13/03/2023
  2. Higher Semiadditive Algebraic K-Theory and Redshift, University of Pennsylvania Homotopy Theory Seminar, 04/02/2022
  3. Delta Power Operations, Talbot 2021: Ambidexterity in Chromatic Homotopy Theory, 26/10/2021
    Notes on the construction of the delta power operations, constructed by Carmeli-Schlank-Yanovski for their proof of the ∞-semiadditivity of the T(n)-local category.
  4. Integral Models for Spaces via the Higher Frobenius, Sea of Galilee Homotopy Workshop on Algebraic Models for Spaces, 14/09/2021
  5. Grothendieck-Lefschetz and the Weil Conjectures (except RH), Weil Conjectures Workshop, 19/09/2020
  6. Algebraic K-Theory of Finite Fields, K-Theory Seminar, 01/04/2020
    A modern perspective on the plus construction and Quillen's computation of the algebraic K-theory of finite fields.
  7. Tate Elliptic Curves and p-adic Uniformization, The HUJI-BGU Workshop in Arithmetic, 16/12/2019
  8. Prisms, Prismatic Cohomology Course, 08/12/2019
    Covering (parts of) chapter 3 of Bhatt and Scholze's paper.
  9. ∞-Categories and Spectra, Kan Seminar, 27/10/2019
    Introduction to ∞-categories, higher algebra and spectra.
  10. Topological Modular Forms and Homotopy groups of TMF, Seminar on computational results in chromatic homotopy, 11/09/2019
  11. Galois Descent, Picard Groups and the K(n)-local Category, Seminar on computational results in chromatic homotopy, 22/08/2019
  12. Chromatic Homotopy, Nilpotence, and the Thick Subcategory Theorem, Seminar on computational results in chromatic homotopy, 04/07/2019
  13. HKR Generalized Character Theory, Caesarea Workshop on Morava E-Theory, 17/06/2019
    Reviewing on Hopkins-Kuhn-Ravenel generalized character theory.
  14. Landweber Exact Functor Theorem, Caesarea Workshop Preparation Day, 03/06/2019
  15. HHR Strategy for Kervaire Invariant One, Seminar on Equivariant Homotopy, 30/05/2019
    Outlining the strategy of Hill-Hopkins-Ravenel's proof of the Kervaire invariant one problem.
  16. Lubin-Tate Deformation Theory, Seminar on Spectral Algebraic Geometry, 06/12/2018
  17. Neutral Tannakian Categories, Seminar on Nonabelian Chabauty Method, 25/11/2018
    Notes on neutral Tannakian categories and fundamental groups in algebraic geometry.
  18. A Stratified Homotopy Hypothesis, Caesarea Workshop on Factorization Homology, 18/06/2018
    Notes on exit-path ∞-categories, based on Ayala-Francis-Rozenblyum's paper A Stratified Homotopy Hypothesis.
  19. The Chromatic Picture, Seminar on Infinity Categorical Ambidexterity, 03/12/2017
  20. The Algebraic Properties of Formal Group Laws, Caesarea Workshop on The Nilpotence Conjecture, 20/06/2017
  21. The Existence of Morse Functions (Hebrew), Seminar on Morse Theory, 21/11/2016
  22. K-Theory and Bott Periodicity (Hebrew), Seminar on Algebraic Topology, 02/12/2015